Breast Biopsy Pathology Report

Final Diagnosis

A. Right breast, 12 O’ Clock – Infiltrating Carcinoma
B. Right breast, 10 O’ Clock, Medial – Infiltrating Carcinoma
C. Right breast, 10 O’ Clock, Lateral – Infiltrating Carcinoma

Ancillary Studies

ER Positive Nuclei: 90% moderate
ER Prognostic Category: Positive – Favorable

PR Positive Nuclei: 10% moderate
PR Prognostic Category: Positive – Favorable

HER2 Immunohistochemistry – Negative – Favorable

Ki-67 Proliferative Index: 22%. Anything over 20% is considered unfavorable. 

Pathologist Comment:

All three cores show infiltrating carcinoma. Signet ring features are seen in specimen A and to a lesser degree in specimen B. Although there is a difference in degree of signet ring formation, the core biopsies are otherwise similar, and may all represent the same tumor. Signet ring variants of infiltrating ductal carcinoma occur in the breast, and this is the favored interpretation. Immunohistochemical studies also provide some support for this interpretation. However, other sites of origin, particularly stomach, should be excluded clinically.

My pathology report provides the most recent diagnosis, and the results of the mammogram, and the results from the original diagnostic mammogram I had in November of 2009 when I first found a breast lump.

Pathology Report (pdf)