2020 Update

October 12th, 2020

One of my best friends had a small scare with breast cancer and it reminded me that I needed to post an update to my site. So much has happened since my last post in 2017 but nothing bad…if you don’t consider the year 2020 bad.

Some updates – Still married to my husband of three years (October 7 was our anniversary), and my two daughters are now 17 (almost) and 18. One of them is graduating from HS and is college bound this year. The other follows closely next year, finances be damned! I’m also very close to finishing my Master’s in Public Administration at UGA. I’m still dancing tango and currently rehearsing to perform in 2020 Dancing with the Athens Stars with Fuad Elhage, my tango partner.

Fuad Elhage and Stephanie Lynn in a classic tango pose

I’ve taken on some high impact nonprofit work. I’m serving as the Treasurer of Athens Film Arts Institute dba Cine, which is our local art house theatre in Athens GA. I’m also the Treasurer for the Joint Development Authority for Athens Clarke County and the City of Winterville. This authority is responsible for distributing $2.6M in funding in the form of loans and grants to businesses that suffered losses due to COVID.

I’ve also taken up sewing, Sashiko (Japanese embroidery) , and pottery. This is the year of creativity for me.

I’ve had no health scares to speak of. I did have a small papilloma removed from my cervix early in 2020 but it was completely unrelated to breast cancer. It was a very simple procedure with no lingering issues.

All in all, besides the political and medical mess we all find ourselves in, life goes on, mostly happily.