Morning in the lens

July 11th, 2011
A morning in the forest

I spent Saturday morning with a close friend and an amazing photographer, Ian McFarlane, deep in the woods in River Shoals doing a photo shoot for a new series he is putting together. I won’t give anything away here but he managed to snag a really beautiful shot for me to use on my blog.

Was feeling really great Saturday, and loved doing the shoot. I think i’m meant to be in front of a camera – I just love it really. It was strange being bald, because I am slightly self conscious about it, but after seeing this photo, I think maybe it works for me. Buck likes to call me his little “pre-cog.” I wish I could see the day when all of this is over!

I really hope the shots that Ian got that I can’t show here are moving enough to make it to the final cut. I’m sure I will be the only bald woman so that should give me a competitive edge…:) Signing off….time with the family at the beach.