Stomp out Domestic Violence – Save the Date and the Dollas

June 21st, 2011

I’ll admit, I’m a dancing queen. That certainly doesn’t imply i’m any good at it but I LOVE it. My friend Andrea and I have taken a couple of dance classes together – Hip Hop and Pole Dancing. The next natural progression is Step Dance. This year Project Safe is putting on an Event called “Stomp Out Domestic Violence” which pits teams of 10 or more step dancers against each other to vie for first place.

For Stomp Out Domestic Violence, they’re lining up ten teams from different business and community groups.  Each team — as with Dancing with Athens Stars– will perform one routine to vie for Audience Favorite and Judges’ Favorite awards. The Audience Favorite award will be determined by voting during the show (at $1 per vote donated to Project Safe).

Each team will be paired with a volunteer instructor.  This will happen around the end of August.  We will have to rehearse 10-15 times during the fall to get ready for our premiere on December 4!

I’ve put together a superstar team, several of them alumni for Dancing with the Stars, and one of them the winner of last year’s event.

Presenting the Team

  1. Myself (Team Captain)
  2. Andrea Griffith
  3. Tonya Dugas
  4. Candice Coursey
  5. Susanna Drennen
  6. Abby Denham
  7. Kelly Girtz
  8. Mike Hamby
  9. Ashley Epting
  10. Mystery Man
  11. Mystery Man

Andrea Griffith
Andrea is multi-talented: multimedia journalist, former news anchor/reporter, entrepreneur, videographer, web designer, writer, ex-radio disc jockey, blogger, and social networking addict, and DANCER whether she likes it or not. I consider her one of my best friends, and we have quite a bit of experience “dancing” together, which might be considered more of interesting gyrations from someone watching from the outside! Oh she was also in Dancing with the Athens Stars 2010.

Tonya Dugas
As far as I know Tonya is the only one with actual training in dance. This kind of dance might be outside of her comfort zone but I know she can pull it off. Plus when I asked her to do it, she said “only for you”. I must be one special person to her to get her to commit to this with her three children. I also owe a debt of gratitude to her husband, Pete Dugas, who also happens to be a very close friend of mine, for loaning her to me for a few months of rehearsals.

Candice Coursey
Candice owns a fabulous spa in the middle of Boulevard Historic District, Urban Sanctuary. She is also just a crazy energetic personality that is perfect for Step Dancing. I’m really looking forward to getting to know Candice all the much better during this experience. She has been a great support during my little battle with the Big C, making me Queen for a Day!


Susanna Drennen
Susanna owns Suska in Five points – a consignment boutique that I frequent often. She is also married to a close friend of mine that serves on a quasi-government board with me, Sam Drennen. Both of these two are a riot to hang with, and I know she would bring a ton of fun to this competition. I’m real sorry I have to take her away from her precious twins and husband for a few nights a month :)

Abby Denham
Abby is the owner of Pints and Paints in the Leather’s Building. My business, Plexus, is just a few doors down from Pints and Paints so I see Abby on a pretty regular basis, and I LOVE painting there. She is such a precious little ball of fire and spunk and not having her on the team would be a major faux pas. She is also a lawyer, in retirement…taking a break for something more interesting – running an Art Studio!

Kelly Girtz
Kelly is a Dancing with the Athens Stars Alumni and also serves as the District 9 Commissioner (super district) and he lives right down the road from Plexus. He is also the principal at Athens Career Academy. Kelly is involved in all aspects of the ACC community, and serves us well.  And he is one of my closest friends….seems we are always scheming about something or another. I’m glad to know him.


Mike Hamby
Mike is a Dancing with the Athens Stars Alumni from 2010 and serves as the District 10 Commissioner (super district) for my side of town – sorry Kelly! Mike is a small business owner with his cleaning business. He is also a survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma so we have some things in common – we have both been bald in our 30’s – I barely made that milestone. And Mike is a great drinking buddy when you can get him to actually show up on time!

Ashley Epting
Well I needed a ringer and Ashley is the man. Ashley was the winner of the 2011 Dancing with the Athens Stars. I never knew he had the moves I witnessed that night. Check out his skills in this youtube video. I was like….I gotta get that dude on my step dance team. We probably won’t even need a trainer with that guy on the team. He is also the owner of Harry’s Pig Shop and other food and event planning businesses in Athens. Oh and he was also an executive producer of Not Since You

Mystery Man 1
This spot is in the works. Will post when we have confirmation.

Mystery Man 2
This spot is in the works. Will post when we have confirmation.