What a drain!

May 11th, 2011

Drain Bag and Log File

For anyone that has ever had a major surgery you are probably familiar with the Jackson Pratt drain. I have described this a couple of other places as a drain grenade. A tube is inserted into the area where surgery is performed and this tube comes out of your body and attaches to a plastic grenade shaped bulb. When you release the valve on the bulb and squeeze the air out, then close the valve is serves as a suction to remove liquid from the surgical area. I had two drains in the day I left the hospital.I had one removed the day after I checked out and had the final one removed yesterday. It was a huge relief. I can sleep, get dressed, adjust my bra, and generally move about without worrying about pulling it out because pulling it hurts like he-double hockey sticks!

Here is a little photo of the precious little drain purse the Loran Smith Cancer Center volunteers make for cancer patients and the log that I kept of how much fluid drained daily. Good riddance to this part of my journey!

  1. Anita tallent says:

    I think you should spruce up the ribbon and make it a purse for your IPhone. It would help when you plug your USB into your PORT for continuous battery power. :), :), :).