A Beautiful Mind?

May 25th, 2011

Generic Brain MRI Image - not my brain

The last of all the battery of tests I have to get through before the real healing begins was today – the brain MRI. Again, pretty boring just like the PET scan. The only exciting thing that happened was that I forgot to take my wedding ring off. Strangely I noticed it about 10 minutes into the MRI and was shocked that it hadn’t been sucked off right along with my finger but platinum isn’t really magnetic. I wondered what all the big hoopla was in making sure you take off all of your jewelry but I guess its because you never can tell what piece of metal in a jewelry might actually be something that is magnetic. And why don’t you want to wear metal in an MRI? Take a look at this video below!

All was well, and according to the reading of my results….I have a beautiful mind….no need for that Lobotomy.

Wish me good luck during chemo – starts Thursday, May 26, 2011.

  1. valerie Touchstone says:

    Luck! Along with loads of courage, wisdom and strength!

  2. Beverly says:

    So today is a big day…begin the chemo and kill those cancer cells! Also a big giant thank you for the compliment paid to me but let it be known the resemblences between us (in my much younger years) stop at the neck.
    My friend Judy underwent similar circumstances and when I saw her this morning I couldn’t get over her beautiful, dark, thick hair. We both thought about you and she wants you to know she prays for you and we know your hair will be beauti fuller someday soon!
    Love ya!