April 28th, 2011

The Sentinel Node Injection

My radioactive boob! I was still smiling even after the torture.

A most unexpected surprise….the Sentinal Node Injection. Sounded pretty typical to me – just another shot right? Uh, hell no. The Radiologist asked to to remove my top and put on a gown. I thought, hmmmm, that’s strange – why do I need to remove my top for an injection in my arm. So, being inquisitive….I asked, while glancing down at the tray of needles he has prepared – 4 lidocaine needles and a big container marked “Radioactive Material”. The only thing missing was the skull and crossbones! Each of those four needles were for injecting around my nipple! Guys, imagine the possibility of having four injections in your privates!

Good god! The 4 lidocaine injections were followed with four more injection of radioactive isotopes! I’m literally glowing, even though you need a Geiger counter to see it.

This was probably the most painful procedure thus far. As of now my right breast is a radioactive pin cushion. I say “good riddance”!

Off with their heads!