Praises for Friends

Props to my peeps

I have more good friends in this world than I have good drugs in my pill box! I wanted to make sure to dedicate a place on this site to recognize everyone that has been supportive through thoughtful comment, providing food and/or gifts, and visiting with me. I will be adding to this page very frequently so if you don’t see your name don’t fret – i’m slowly digging through the notes i’ve been taking. If I don’t write it down it’s ancient history. My mind isn’t the bear trap it once was.

Friends that have made it to this list – don’t feel left off if you aren’t on it – i’m just calling out some really special ones that have gone above and beyond to really try to make this whole process easier – its been a breeze really so far. The order means nothing – its just happens to be the order of interaction.

Special Shout Out’s

Click to see what these folks have been doing! Some of them have more than one entry but I can only link to the first one.