Flowers and Gifts from Friends

Flowers and Gifts

Queen for a Day Spa Day at Urban Sanctuary
I got a sweet note from Candice Coursy (who is on my Stomping Out Domestic Violence 2011 Dance Team) about a week ago that she, and Cheri and Vance Leavy (two of my favorite clients – and bought me a Queen for a Day Spa Package. It’s worth $280 of services at Urban Sanctuary. I can use it however and whenever I want. And the ladies at the Spa have training on treatments for Cancer Patients. They are very aware of what they can and cannot do for cancer patients. This was an extremely thoughtful and sensitive gift. Thank you guys! I’m waiting for Candice to get back from the beach because I want her there when I go!

Cancer Proof Facial from 2-Faced Skin Care Studio
This is a very interesting story. My friend and client, Phoelicia Canup, had been talking about me pretty frequently to a friend of hers, Angela Baumgartner, who owns 2 Faced Skin Care Studio and Angela wanted to give me a facial including my, as they refer to it, beautiful bald head. How exciting. I’m going in this morning (6/22/2011) for my facial. Very much looking forward to it! And really it is so wonderful for these two ladies to be gossiping about me behind my back :) heehee


Pete and Tonya Dugas

Jackson Spalding
Andrea Griffith & Kelly Girtz
Candice Courcy

J House Media

Nuçi’s Space
Mark & Frances Anthony
Pink Boxing Gloves from Bob and Rachel Sleppy
Scarf from Cat Daniel

Cupcakes from Terri Portferfield-Davis
Survivor T from Tracy Scagglioni

Dental and Lotion Kit for Chemotherapy from Brad Hall Dentistry
Two Chairs from Agora Mama bought me

Wine and Goody basket from Abby Denham

Popsicle Makers and Popsicle Recipe Book from Emma Holman