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So there is a story behind the name of this blog. It started at my surgeon's office, Dr. Cody Gunn. As you can imagine, the first thing a woman thinks of when you are meeting with the "surgeon" and you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, is whether or not we are going to lose our most precious assets. So the first lucid question I could think to ask is:

"Doc, give it to me straight. Are you going to have to hack off my boobs?" to which he replied, after some deliberation,

"Boob is a weekend word. During the week we call them breasts."
So I thought "Boob Is A Weekend Word" was a fitting title of this cancer story.

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Friends….Meet a Breast Cancer Survivor

// April 21st, 2012 // Comments Off // Blog Posts, General Posts, Recovery

By now everyone knows the joke and origin of the phrase “Boob is a weekend word” but there has to be a lot of talk about “boobs” when you are friends with someone that has “boob” cancer. So we have all declared that “Boob isn’t a weekend word anymore!” Midnight tonight marks the 1 year [...]

An interesting project….

// April 17th, 2012 // Comments Off // Blog Posts

A local business in town that makes a really cool product called Honey Pots is doing a Kickstarter project and i’m trying to promote it to help him get it funded. He prefers only $1 donations so if you happen to have an Amazon account it takes only a minute to donate $1 to the [...]

The End of the Story?

// March 7th, 2012 // 3 Comments » // Blog Posts, General Posts, Recovery

A few months before diagnosis A few months after treatment The old saying that “A picture tells a thousand words” doesn’t really come close. The woman you see in the before photo really no longer exists. The woman you see in the after photo doesn’t exist yet – it’s a work in progress. Cancer is [...]

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