2022 Update

February 10th, 2022

I have officially been cancer free for well over 11 years. I finished my radiation therapy in December of 2011 and was considered cancer free at that point. The average 10 year survival rate for Stage IIB for someone younger than their 50s when diagnosed is 84% so I have officially beaten some odds for reaching 11 years. I’ve been told by my oncologist that even though my cancer was stage IIB, I had lymph node involvement and the combinatory total size of my three tumors actually put me as Stage III but no one single tumor was large enough to stage it that high. Nevertheless, my cancer was highly proliferative and the prognosis was not necessarily favorable. I am very lucky that things have turned out so well.

I haven’t had any health issues since breast cancer and I feel very lucky for that. I stayed on tamoxifen for over 10 years, when 5 years is the recommended length but since I had no side effects, we decided that I would keep taking it. I stopped in November of this year with no problems.

The last four years have been fun for me as I have taken up dancing Tango and Salsa. I have started teaching Tango this year for the Tango Club of UGA. My dance partner and I also started an event called Milonga Tropical – which is a tango and latin dance event. Lastly I am competing in Project Safe 2022 Dancing with the Athens Stars on March 19, 2022.

I still work at UGA as a Senior IT Manager, completed my Master’s in Public Administration from UGA in May of 2021, and continue to serve in many community organizations including the Wild Rumpus Parade and Spectacle, the Joint Development Authority of Athens Clarke County and the City of Winterville, and the Historic Cobbham Foundation.

I am still married to David Lynn – who is a godsend of a husband and I feel like the luckiest woman in he world to have him. I have one daughter in college now at Georgia College, and another starting Georgia State University this coming Fall 2022. We are taking a trip to Italy this summer and I’m returning to Paris for the 7th time in November of 2022. Life couldn’t be better, and i’m ever thankful for the wonderful group of doctors that gave me a second lease on life.