Friends….Meet a Breast Cancer Survivor

April 21st, 2012

By now everyone knows the joke and origin of the phrase “Boob is a weekend word” but there has to be a lot of talk about “boobs” when you are friends with someone that has “boob” cancer. So we have all declared that “Boob isn’t a weekend word anymore!”

Midnight tonight marks the 1 year anniversary of my very first blog post titled “Friends….Meet a Future Breast Cancer Survivor” when my journey with breast cancer began. I thought I would close it up with a thank you to all of the friends I have met since being diagnosed, the friends I have become closer with, and the fantastic medical community we have in Athens for breast cancer patients.

A special thank you goes out to my dear friends at Hotel Indigo for throwing a “Boob isn’t a weekend word anymore” party in my honor to celebrate my achievement as a breast cancer survivor. Barry Rutherford, and the other staff at Hotel Indigo, have been so supportive for me during this battle. Barry made sure that I was able to “get away” a few times during the journey by offering up the Hotel for some recovery time and I even got to stay in the Penthouse Suite with the Baby Grand once. That is an honor not bestowed on many people in this town!

Here are some photos from the party and the banner that Barry created for all of the friends that showed up, to wish me well as I move onto other phases of life, to sign.

Banner that says it all

My first blog post was signed as “Stephanie Sharp, A future breast cancer survivor” and I can now revel in the knowledge that I earned this new title through the support of my friends and my doctors.