Radiation begins….

October 14th, 2011

…and so does a new phase of my treatment. I just finished chemo this past Monday, October 10, 2012 but I just couldn’t wait to get started with the next part. So here we go.  My new second home will be at the Northeast Georgia Cancer Care Radiation Oncology Clinic. I will go there EVERY day for the next six weeks (except weekends) beginning Tuesday, October 18, 2011. I should be finished up by the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

Dave Phan, Radiation Therapist
Dr. Ronald Terry, Radiology Oncologist

I’ve only yet met a few of the staff at the Radiation Oncology clinic but have a really at home feeling there. The Radiation Therapist that worked with me today and got me all setup and tattooed up with my temporary marks was Dave Phan. He was very warm and entertaining. It’s funny how you can be laying out naked on a table and be cracking jokes with a guy you just met. Dave is pretty cool – he’s got an MBA and then decided to go back and get a BS in Science in Radiation Therapy. Now that’s drive.

My actual Radiology Oncologist is Dr. Terry. I chose him for several reasons…Dr. Splichal told me he would be more like the “father” figure type of doctor, which makes me feel more secure. And he is extremely experienced, and gets high marks from everyone I have spoken to about him. I told my surgeon, Dr. Gunn, that I had chosen him to be my “guy” and Dr. Gunn assured me that I would love him. I think he may be on to something there.

“X” marks the spot
Radiation Machine

Anyways, I had my first visit yesterday (October 12) and got to meet Dr. Terry and one of the nurses. Today I went in for positioning and marking. I had a non-diagnostic CAT scan just to position me for treatment. They made little green “X” marks the spot drawings on me in several places to make sure the radiation rays are positioned in exactly the same place each time. They are covered up with tape so they don’t wash off. They might have to touch them up every couple of days just to make sure.

The treatment will only take about 2 minutes a day. From the time I walk in the door of the clinic to the time I leave will only take about 20 minutes. Once a week I get a films (x-rays) taken just to make sure all the alignments are still correct – a recalibration of sorts. That day might take a little longer. I will also see Dr. Terry once a week. Seems pretty darn easy compared to chemo. The only fear I have is whether I will actually be as tired as everyone has warned me about. Fatigue is not something that agrees with me well.