The Chemo Journal – Round 7 – September 19, 2011

September 25th, 2011

My 7th round of chemo was on September 19. It was the next to the last one. Dr. Splichal assures me there will be a parade with balloons and confetti and cake at the next session on the 10th. Of course he promised me he would get wi-fi there are the clinic on round #1 and that hasn’t happened so I’m not holding my breath! But he always greets me with a smile and makes sure to compliment me on my style every time. He seems to think I have some fashion sense. Why the other day one of my dear friends (I believe his name is Taylor) told me I looked like a very sophisticated street walker!? So maybe I need some help after all! :)

Read on to see how things have gone with this round

Day 1 – now(Monday – now)
I’ll tell you this, if the next round is as easy as this one I will have nothing to complain about. The ONLY side effect I have even had this time is a little joint and bone pain, and a little neuropathy. But I do have a medicine cabinet full of Lortab and Neurontin. Those two will knock out anything Taxol has to throw my way.I am very diligent about only taking medications when absolutely necessary. I am “able” to take up to 6 lortab pills a day on the dosage I am on, and on most days I take 2. So I feel like I am being ultra conservative in my dosages. I don’t want to become dependent on pain pills like some unfortunate people have done.I’m real sorry there isn’t a whole lot more to report about chemo this time. But I hope it gives inspiration to the ladies out there going through this that are behind me in their treatments to know that it isn’t always going to get harder with each chemo. (pssst if you can get away with it and your blood counts will stay high enough tell your oncologist you don’t want neurontin. I swear it was that white blood count booster shot that made all of my previous bad chemos HORRIBLE.)