Stephanie Sharp: Blog tells tale of the journey

September 30th, 2011
Photo by Ian McFarlane

My Lunch Partner - Mr. Jan Van Hoose

A couple of weeks ago I had a delightful lunch with a Mr. Joe Van Hoose from the Athens Banner Herald. He wanted to learn a little about my breast cancer story for a Breast Cancer Awareness Month series the newspaper is doing in October. During our lunch, we laughed a lot, had some great Sushi at Utage, and I learned a little about Joe and his condition. I don’t think it is any secret that Joe has Crohn’s disease since the paper did their own story on his medical journey (read the story here). I begged him to let me preview the story, and even threatened to hold him down and feed him leafy greens, but like a good journalist, he didn’t capitulate. Anyways, I thought he captured the spirit of my journey, and the levity that I treat it with. It is a serious subject, but being sad or anxious or worried doesn’t make you any healthier – I just chose the path of least resistance. Embrace and conquer!

Here is a link to the story if you’d like to see it – The Athens Banner Herald presents Stephanie Sharp: Blog tells tale of the journey


  1. Ruth Daniel says:

    Stephanie ~
    I’m so glad that I read your article in ABH. I just wanted you to know that I was a Stage 3 gal (36 when diagnosed) and my youngest was Emma (9 months old at the time). It’s been 8 years since then and I’m doing great!! I LOVE Cody & Dr. Moore…had Dr. W for chemo but he’s retired now. Was just in for my yearly check-up & it brought back lots of memories. Please email me anytime if you want to ask a question or just chat. Hugs ~ Ruth

  2. Fernando del Aguila says:

    Hey Stephanie! I read the article in the Athens Banner Herald. I thought it was great. I do believe it captures your spirit and attitude well. Keep up the hard work !!!

  3. admin says:

    Fernando! I will be back in the office for a check up in a few weeks but my new home is the radiation clinic…they sure are nice there. Y’all got’s some competition!