Litchfield by the Sea

July 14th, 2011

This is a “good” week for me this week in between rounds of chemo so i’m spending it at Litchfield by the Sea (Pawley’s Island). Its a whole family event, my husband’s side of the family. There are 15 of us! Attending are Ellen Cobb (Buck’s Mom), Jerry Cobb (Buck’s Stepdad), Wes and Sherri Sharp (Buck’s Brother and Sister-in-law) and two children (Bailey and Malia), Beth and Dave McLear (Buck’s Sister and Brother-in-law) and their three children (Hannah, Lindsay and Laura), and Andrew Griffith (Lindsay’s husband), and my two children (Emma and Erin).

We’ve spent a lot of time at the resort pool, the beach, and I chartered a fishing boat today with Wes, Sherri and Hannah. We left at 7a this morning and were out until 1p. I think I was meant to be a fisherman. We didn’t catch much to brag about but I felt so at home at sea with the fishes! Yesterday, we also took the kids to the Pirate Ship Adventure at Murrell’s Inlet. It was actually a lot of fun for them. They dress them up like pirates, and hunt for a sunken treasure in the middle of the ocean. They even got some of the treasure!

Another cool thing….I have been posting photos on FB and an old classmate of mine (Oscar Weinmeister) from high school saw the photos on FB and realized where I was. He messaged me to let me know he lives here! We are getting together for dinner tonite at a place practically across the street from our resort. How cool is that? A reunion after more than 20 years all because of FB!

Anyways, here are some photos from our trip. I’m feeling great physically and mentally and this is a great thing.

Gator in the swamp
Gator Wrestling
The Crab House
On the way out
Size 14 Flounder
The Ride out to Sea


Enchanting Erin
Eagle Eyed Emma
Mermaid Malia
Brawling Bailey
Matey’s On Deck