June 19th, 2011

This has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand…this is just an interest of mine…Cups and Saucers!

I was wandering around at Reeds Odds & Ends in Watkinsville today, and something sparkly caught my eye. Anyone that knows ANYTHING about me knows I am all about sparkles and shiny stuff. I also happen to like old cup and saucer sets. I’m sure someone’s granny did too, and when she passed, the grandkids, due to a lack of appreciation for history or anything with style decided to sell this really cool collection of Winterling Bavaria and Röslau Cup, Saucer and Dessert sets. All of these sets were made in the 50’s. Older than me…so they qualify as ancient history!

It made me happy to take these home and look after them like i’m sure their first owner did. She would be proud…though I would be really impressed if they were collected by a man.

Oh and shout out to Mom who bought these for me. She *might* spoil me a little. IDK!

Winterling Bavaria Germany #25 1950’s
Winterling Röslau Bavaria 1950’s
Winterling Bavaria Germany #71 1950’s
Winterling Röslau Bavaria 1950’s
  1. Kathryn Lookofsky says:

    When are you having us all over for fancy tea and little sandwiches? ;) They’re beautiful!

  2. Ellen Cobb says:

    They are very beautiful and what a dear sweet mom you have!