The PET Scan

May 21st, 2011

PET Scan Machine - not the actual one - but just like it

Not a whole lot to say about this. The simplest procedure thus far. Small injection of radioactive dye – only hurt because the injection was done in my hand – by my request – because my arm was so sore. Bad move on my part. Think arm would have been better.

Got to sit for an hour in the dark, in a recliner with a heated blanket, listening to music on headphones. Then laid in a machine for 20 minutes. Fell asleep in recliner and machine. Not a bad morning.

No word yet on results but will let you know once I hear anything official. Figure if there was a problem I might have gotten a call so i’m guessing no news is good news.

The last thing I have to do is the brain MRI which is next week.

  1. Laurel Alberty says:

    Hey Girl! If you are impatient like me, you can go to ARMC and pick up your results yourself. You won’t have the doctor’s interpretation, but you will know the results. I’m one who can not wait and did this for every scan/mri. BTW, the brain MRI is loud as hadees…but worth it to know you (just like me) are just regular crazy and not cancer crazy!