Not all doctors have the “god complex”

May 26th, 2011

I’ve probably lived under the assumption that all doctors are insensitive, self-important, and full of themselves because of my relatively simple medical history. I have only really interacted with maybe half a dozen doctors in my adult life. While most of them were generally courteous, none of them actually connect with patients beyond the 10-15 minutes they spend with them during a normal office visit. But your time with a doctor is one of complete vulnerability and intimacy, and I expect more than courtesy.

I finally found this connection with a surgeon in Athens – Dr. Cody Gunn. He made enough of an impression on me during my first office visit with him to make me want to create this blog in the namesake of a saying of his. If you’ve read the first paragraph on this site you know what I’m referring to.

I wanted to share some thoughts about Dr. Gunn with friends, family and any other person that happens upon this web site as an education about what a difference a truly authentic and caring physician can make on a patient’s outlook on a serious medical condition.

Please read about Dr. Gunn here and share your thoughts on him in the comments if you have ever met him or had him take care of you or a family member. I’m sure he’d like to know about it.