AFLAC Cancer Policy a Wise Choice

May 19th, 2011

I purchased an AFLAC cancer policy in September of 2006. I think it may have been that year that my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and the agent happened to call me right around that time, and it was just serendipitous. The policy has cost me $52 a month for the last 55 months. Since that time I have paid an accumulated $2860.00. Some might think that money would be better invested in securities, but the security I had from that policy far outweighed it’s cost.

And it has paid off. No one wants to be diagnosed with cancer, but if you are, and you have the AFLAC cancer policy, it makes life a whole lot easier.

For instance, I received a check for $4333.33 just for being diagnosed with breast cancer and I received it within a week of being diagnosed. The claim form was simple, and all I had to submit with it was the pathology report that was provided to me by the hospital. Painless! Already I have 33% return on the $2860.00 I have invested in this policy.

After receiving a pretty extensive list of the procedures I have already gone through and will go through over the next 6 months I have been given an estimate of the total claim proceeds I will receive for this cancer illness. Over $20,000. Wow – totally speechless. I have always thought things happen for a reason. I have no idea why I have gotten cancer, but there was a reason I purchased that policy just under 5 years ago, and this is it. I’m still finding my way through this process, and i’m handling it with a lot of humor and maybe a little bit of grace, and a whole lot of AFLAC.

Thank you AFLAC for creating these policies and for making it so easy to file claims, and for not servicing your policy holders like typical insurance companies and denying claims as a first resort and forcing sick patients to fight you for their benefits.

AFLAC is a truly spectacular company.

  1. Anita Tallent says:

    This policy has definitely been a silver lining to this untimely event in my daughter’s life. I would gladly pay AFLAC the $20,000 if time could be replayed with a different outcome. She has definitely been blessed with a company and agent who has processed all of this with so little frustrations. Getting paid for such a dreadful event is something to feel good about. Thank you