Upcoming Procedures and Surgery

April 22nd, 2011

Procedure Summary
Colonoscopy and Endoscopy – April 26 – DONE
Breast MRI (DONE), Pre-opp (DONE), Sentinel Node Injection (DONE)- April 27
Surgery to perform mastectomy and reconstruction (DONE) – April 28

As of now I have a breast MRI scheduled for Wednesday, April 27. The breast MRI is to find if there are other occult tumors in either breast. As of now I only have tumors in my right breast, so thankfully, as of now, I will be able to keep my left one. This MRI will determine if that is still an option.¬†Because of family history of stomach cancer and colon cancer, and because of the signet cell formation in the cancer cells which is also present in stomach cancer and colon cancer, I have to get an endoscopy and colonoscopy as well. My endoscopy and colonoscopy is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26. If you have never had a colonoscopy – well don’t get one unless you need one. Apparantly I am going to take on the personality of a man for the next 12 hours…spending the majority of my time in the bathroom!

As for my reconstruction surgery the current plans are to have a radical skin saving mastectomy on my right breast with an immediate silicone implant. On the left side I will have a small augmentation and mastopexy just to have symmetry on both sides. At a later date, nipple reconstruction and aureola tattooing will be done on the reconstructed side.



  1. Buck says:

    This crap is probably already trying to figure out a way to escape your body to avoid an embarrassing beat down.

  2. Stephanie says:

    This is a great way to keep all of your loved ones informed without having to tell the same stories to hundred different people. You have such a positive attitude and I know that your going to come out on top as you always have. Sending love and prayers your way :)

  3. David Stroud says:

    You’ll do great today! I went through your room last night and scoured and stocked it to make sure there were plenty of supplies, no dusty areas, etc. Tracy and I will be thinking about you today.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Well this whole thing just sucks a big one but at least you will get a fab looking breast makeover out of it. ;)