Laughing with me….some of the funny commentary from close friends

April 21st, 2011
I thought I would share some of the funny and touching comments i received in response to my unusual announcement about all things boobs (gimme a break – since when have I ever been a rule follower) a few days ago. I haven’t personally responded to everyone because, well hell, there isn’t enough time in the day because i have so many great friends unbeknownst to me! But if you read closely you might see one of your comments below, though I am keeping it anonymous. I know some of you wouldn’t want anyone to know you have a heart or a sense of humor. And if you don’t see one of your comments, well, don’t feel bad – there is something awesome about you or you wouldn’t have gotten the email in the first place and honestly I just got tired of cutting and pasting! But all kidding aside, each of your emails were read more than once, and appreciated, and will be saved for posterity’s sake.  And i will be calling in the favors that all of you have so graciously volunteered – i’ll use a friends phone so you won’t recognize the number.
Here we go
  1. “You are surrounded by angels…just a winkin’ and a winkin’. And one crazy prayin’ friend.”
  2. “I applaud your positivity about your, um, extreme makeover. :-)”
  3. “I am so proud of your attitude and approach.  You are going to kick this thing in the nuts!”
  4. “Furpin furpsticks.” <—–Not even sure what this means!
  5. “Well done bitch.”
  6. You are in my prayers and know our short friendship will become a long one
  7. “Listen, both of your Doc’s are great friends of mine. There are a whole bunch of shapely women in town that have “Boobs by Jim”, and Cody has been places with my wife that I haven’t !!!”
  8. “Damn – like the write up.. funny, self-depracating, informative, upbeat. Good stuff for such a craptacular subject plus you’ll get through this and have extreme survivor street cred to go with your business cred/philanthropic cred/cooking cred/jewelry makin’ cred, etc.”
  9. “I really hope you are allowed to drink during all this.”
  10. “Be happy to throw in for the wig fund.  See if Buck has any fetishes so we can know what to buy.  Raver girl? 1920s Flapper? Weave?  Mullet?”
  11. “I’m not a good cook but I can pick up take out like a champ.”
  12. “Well………..should we have a going away party for the old boobs?”
  13. “If I can express what I feel right now, it would spring from tears of laughter, a sucker-punch to the gut, tightly checked weeping, fist pump in the air shouting “Hell Yeah!”, all while dropping to my knees to thank my sweet Lord for you and your amazing wit and grace.”
  14. “you can ask your surgeon if he has some kind of treatment for raccoon eyes. (Wink wink) I mean, if you get new boobs- can’t I have eyes without dark circles under them???? I’m just sayin’… :)”
  15. “Rock on with your bad self. “
  16. “Girl I love you and your positive outlook so much- total inspiration!”
  17. “I have a couple of wigs if you want to try them out.”
  18. “I think you’ll be back whipping us into shape before we all know it.”
  19. “What a long winded way to excuse your [always] cranky demeanor and the “it’s taking longer than we expected” work product – all to cover up your real plan to take an extended vacation to get a boob-job and a Brazilian hair cut. My sympathies aren’t with you, they’re with that poor disease that mistakenly took residence in your fun bags.  The ‘Big C’ apparently didn’t know it was dealing with the alphabetically superior ‘Big B’ (can you say bee-yatch?), a hierarchy with which it will soon become painfully familiar.  Good luck Mr. Cancer.  My guess is you won’t last through the first round with this feisty one. “
  20. “After reading your email I teared up both out of concern for you & from shear laughter!  I have no doubts you’ll come out of this better than ever AND with two entirely new perky breasts {it is Tuesday…no boob talk}!”
  21. “I don’t know anyone in the world who will fight the good fight any better than you, Stephanie.  And when it’s all over…it will be a cause you will adopt valiantly.”
  22. “as noted by my livestrong signature, i have a special place in my heart for people battling cancer – with many of my friends (and two employees) who are survivors.”
  23. “Well…shit.  Really that is about the most appropriate thing I can think to say about cancer…shit.  Thank you for including me in your email and it was good to read that your sense of humor is still intact, although you have full license to become a stark raving lunatic over the course of the next however many months that you are going to be on this roller coaster”
So since the last e-mail, I don’t have a whole lot of new news. I did have a consult with plastic surgeon, have an MRI scheduled next week, and haven’t made all the decisions i need to make. But….I am a to-do list kind of chick, and well, you get the point. Carry on!