Whats in a name

So there is a story behind the name of this blog. It started at my surgeon's office, Dr. Cody Gunn. As you can imagine, the first thing a woman thinks of when you are meeting with the "surgeon" and you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, is whether or not we are going to lose our most precious assets. So the first lucid question I could think to ask is:

"Doc, give it to me straight. Are you going to have to hack off my boobs?" to which he replied, after some deliberation,

"Boob is a weekend word. During the week we call them breasts."
So I thought "Boob Is A Weekend Word" was a fitting title of this cancer story.

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Five Years and counting

// April 25th, 2017 // Comments Off on Five Years and counting // Blog Posts

I wanted to update any visitors to this site to let them know that I’m still “cured”! I had my five year checkup (well its been 6 years since diagnosis but five years since ending treatment)  last week and everything looks normal. My CA 27-29 levels were well within normal range at 18.7.     […]

The easiest tattoo you’ll ever get….

// August 20th, 2014 // Comments Off on The easiest tattoo you’ll ever get…. // Blog Posts

It’s been nearly 3.5 years since I had my mastectomy, and I was finally able to take the very last step in reconstruction. There aren’t many talented medical tattoo artists that i’ve been able to locate online. My plastic surgeon recommended one, but she didn’t have a web site or anything I could research online, […]

It’s been a long time coming….

// June 19th, 2014 // Comments Off on It’s been a long time coming…. // Blog Posts

Well it’s been over two years since i’ve updated the blog. I thought my story was over, and there was nothing more to tell. But at least once a month, I hear from a friend of a friend of a cousin of a friend that one of their friend’s or cousin’s has breast cancer, and […]

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