Whats in a name

So there is a story behind the name of this blog. It started at my surgeon's office, Dr. Cody Gunn. As you can imagine, the first thing a woman thinks of when you are meeting with the "surgeon" and you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, is whether or not we are going to lose our most precious assets. So the first lucid question I could think to ask is:

"Doc, give it to me straight. Are you going to have to hack off my boobs?" to which he replied, after some deliberation,

"Boob is a weekend word. During the week we call them breasts."
So I thought "Boob Is A Weekend Word" was a fitting title of this cancer story.

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2022 Update

February 10th, 2022

I have officially been cancer free for well over 11 years. I finished my radiation therapy in December of 2011 and was considered cancer free at that point. The average 10 year survival rate for Stage IIB for someone younger than their 50s when diagnosed is 84% so I have officially beaten some odds for […]

2020 Update

October 12th, 2020

One of my best friends had a small scare with breast cancer and it reminded me that I needed to post an update to my site. So much has happened since my last post in 2017 but nothing bad…if you don’t consider the year 2020 bad. Some updates – Still married to my husband of […]

Five Years and counting

April 25th, 2017

I wanted to update any visitors to this site to let them know that I’m still “cured”! I had my five year checkup (well its been 6 years since diagnosis but five years since ending treatment)  last week and everything looks normal. My CA 27-29 levels were well within normal range at 18.7.     […]

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